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People Area of Interest
Amanda Veile Human Reproductive and Behavioral Ecology, Immuno-Nutritional Development, Lactation and Evolutionary Obstetrics
Andrew Flachs
Sustainable Agriculture, Food Studies, The Anthropology of Knowledge, Political Ecology
Erik Otarola Castillo
Computational Methods, Evolutionary Biology, Ecology, Archaeology
H. Kory Cooper
Technology and Innovation, Archaeometallurgy, E-waste
Ian Lindsay
Archaeology, Origin Complex Societies, Spatial Analysis, GIS, Photogrammetry, Digital Methods, Use Of Technology
Kali Rubaii
Environmental Health Postconflict Zones, Contamination
Laura Zanotti
Feminist Political Ecology, Digital and Media Sovereignty, Data Sovereignty, Visual
Melanie Beasley
Biological Anthropology, Stable Isotope Ecology, Paleoanthropology, Bioarchaeology, Forensic Anthropology
Melissa Remis
Human And Primate Ecology, Nutrition and Health, Environment, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Conservation
Michele Buzon
Bioarchaeology, Nile Valley, Identity, Health, Climate Change
Natali Valdez
Medicine, Science, Technology, Ethnography
Risa Cromer
Medical Anthropology, Feminist Science and Technology Studies, Reproductive Politics, Mental Health, Veterans
Sherri Briller
Applied Anthropology, Design and Technology, Gerontology, Disability, Life Course
Stacy Lindshield
Primate Behavior, Ecology, Nutrition, Conservation, Applied and Practicing Anthropology
Zoe Nysaa
Technical Cultures, Environmental Policy, Anthropology Of Science And Technology, Applied Anthropology