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Faculty and administrative/professional employees who are employed on an academic year basis are considered to be in unpaid vacation status when classes are not in session except for the seven-day period prior to the beginning of classes each semester and the time between the end of the semester and commencement.

Fiscal year faculty who have completed three continuous months of service receive 22 days of vacation per year, based on full-time employment. Executive Memorandum C-46, “Revised and New Leave of Absence Policies for Faculty, Continuing Lecturers, and Administrative and Professional Staff” explains the amount of vacation that different classifications of administrative/professional staff receive depending on the number of years of service. Maximum vacation accrual for fiscal year faculty and administrative/professional staff is 44 days, based on full-time employment.

Vacation must be scheduled in a manner which is convenient to the department or unit in which the staff member works. The only approval required is that of the supervisor or department head. Request for vacation is now handled through SuccessFactors under Time Off. Please consult with department business office or Senior Associate Dean Wei Hong for details.

Department heads are on fiscal year appointments and must file for vacation days and follow the fiscal year faculty vacation policies. The dean needs to approve department head vacation requests well in advance. In the absence of the department head, a mutually agreed-upon faculty member must be capable of making decisions regarding the department. It is also recommended that a phone number where the department head can be reached be left with the department.

Clerical and service employees accrue vacation based upon the number of hours worked. Additional information describing clerical and service vacation policies is found in Executive Memorandum C-45, “Revised and New Leave of Absence Policies for Clerical and Service Staff.”