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Confidentiality of College and Dept Communications

In 1994, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts issued guidelines clarifying how communications in the college would be handled relating to confidentiality. Discussions and materials about promotion deliberations, evaluative letters, and faculty and staff memoranda were covered in the guidelines of the memo. The memo was revised and reissued in 2016 by Dean David Reingold. This policy is to be used in conjunction with two University documents:  the first is University Policy VIII.A.4, "Access to Student Education Records", which protects the confidentiality of students. You may obtain additional information about student privacy rights in the section of the CLA Policies & Procedures labeled "CLA Student Services and Policies" by clicking on "Protection of Rights of Privacy to Students." 

The second University document is University Policy VIII.A.3, “Disclosure of University Records in Connection with the ‘Access to Public Records’ Act and in Response to Third-Party Subpoenas,” which describes the University’s position regarding access to all University records. In addition to the policies listed above, there are two new Indiana laws concerning breach notifications and responsibilities.  Information concerning these is available by clicking here.