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Political Activities

The University recognizes that Purdue employees may wish to participate in the political process in their roles as citizens and active members of their community.  They have the right to express themselves through their vote, and through discussion and expression of their opinions on political matters as outlined in University Policy III. B.4, “Political Activities.”  Certain behaviors are not permitted because they may cause the public to believe that the individual is representing the viewpoint or position of the University on a political issue or candidate.  In addition, employees may not use their position with the University to influence other members of the University community on political issues or candidates.  Finally, employees may not engage in political activities while performing their University duties or being involved in University business.  See University Policy III.B.4 describing what behaviors are permitted.  Questions about how to handle specific situations not covered by Executive Memorandum B-4 should be referred initially to Associate Dean Wei Hong.