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Illness and Other Reasons for Absences

Purdue’s policies relating to illness of staff members are described in three documents.  Executive Memorandum C-45 describes sick leave policies for clerical and service staff in pay status.  Executive Memorandum C-46 includes paid sick leave policies for faculty, administrative/professional staff, and continuing lecturers.  University Policy VI.E.1 describes unpaid family and medical leave for all three employee groups.

University Policy VI.E. 2 describes leaves of absence for faculty, continuing lecturers, and staff for reasons not included in previous policies including military, jury duty, bereavement, and worker's compensation.  The section on bereavement was recently revised. 

In October of 2008 Purdue issued University Policy VI.E.3.  This policy permits faculty or staff to receive paid leave to care for their newborn child or an adopted child placed in their home.  The policy runs concurrently with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave and may be used in conjunction with a variety of paid & unpaid leaves.  The policy was revised in 2015 to provide greater consistency in the length of leave provided to all employees.

In Spring of 2023, the CLA Senate made a recommendation for paid parental leave. Click here for the document.