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Electronic Mail, WWW Policies, and Social Media Outlets

The Electronic Mail Policy outlines University policy regarding access and use of University email systems.  The University also has rules and regulations regarding the creation of home pages by Purdue faculty, staff, and students on the World Wide Web.  Click here to view “University Policy VII.C.1, ” Web Accessibility."

Individual rights to privacy while using electronic resources at Purdue are discussed in University Policy VII.B.2, "Privacy for Electronic Information."  A new policy, University-Sponsored Social Media Outlets (VII.C.2), adopted in 2013, offers guidelines for the use of Social Media Outlets by University facutly, staff, and students.  Additional information concerning Purdue’s information technology policies can be found on the ITaP website.  For any questions about college and University information technology policies, contact Brett Chambers, Director of Information Technology for CLA.