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Graduated 2022

Brian McPhail
Major Professor: Yang

Youngeun Nam
Major Professor: Sennott

Graduated 2021

Jenean Cox
"Demanding Rights under High Stress: Dilemmas of Leadership and Sustaining Local Participation in the U.S. Immigrant Rights Movement."
Major Professor: Useem

Amy Petts
"Racialized College Admissions."
Major Professor: Renzulli

Graduated 2020

Monica Farrelly
"Life Course Origins of Frailty in Later Life."
Major Professor: Ferraro

Joe Marshall
"Religious Commitment and Existential Insecurity in the United States."
Major Professor: Olson

Yunping Tong
"Does Religion Matter?  A Study of Religion, Sex Ratio, Son Preference, and Abortion Attitude in China."
Major Professor: Yang

Jared Wright
"Digital Contention: Collective Action Dynamics in Social Movements for Internet Freedom."
Major Professor: Einwohner

Graduated 2019

Jun Lu
"'Voice' or 'Silence': Impacts of Religion on Public Engagement in Different Political Contexts."
Major Professor: Yang

Soon Seok Park
"Threat, Memory, and Framing: The Development of South Korea's Democracy Movement, 1979-1987."
Major Professor: Einwohner

Siyun Peng
"Patterns, Predictors, and Consequences of Intergenerational Relationships between Mothers and Adult Children in Later Life."
Major Professor: Suitor

Graduated 2018

David Beall
"Do I Even Remember the List?": Identity, Place, and Legal Consciousness of Marriage Among LGBTQ Individuals.

Major Professor: Hoffmann

Gulcin Con
Gender and Parental Support to Adult Children in Later Life.
Major Professor: Suitor and Subramaniam

Joy Kadowaki
Village in the City: Generating Collective Efficacy and Defending Neighborhood on Chicago's Far Southwest Side
Major Professor: Kelly

Blakelee Kemp
Early Social Origins of Premature Aging: How Do Childhood Exposures Shape Aging and Mortality?
Major Professor: Ferraro

Ty Miller
The Consequences of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana: Evidence From Colorado and Washington
Major Professor: Kelly


Jong Hyun Jung
Childhood Adversity, Resilience, and Adult Mental Health: Do Religion and Psychological Resources Matter?
Major Professor: Olson

Ashleigh Kysar-Moon
Child Maltreatment and Cumulative Inequality: The Impact of Race, Misfortune, and Resources For Early Life Course Mental Health
Major Professor: Ferraro and Mustillo

Yun Lu
Voice or Silence: Impacts of Religion on Public Engagement in Different Political Contexts
Major Professor: Yang

Alexandra Marin
Exploring the Relationship between Childhood Maltreatment and Adolescent Subtance Use: Mediating Effects of Family and Peer Relationships
Major Professor: Kelly

Fanhao Nie
Religious Geographic Context and Individual Health: A Multilevel Approach
Major Professor: Olson

Andrew Raridon
Hybrid Lives and Heirloom Seeds: Tensions Among Activist-Entrepreneurs in the Young Farmers Movement
Major Professor: Einwohner


Christopher Bunka
Globalization and state: Factors contributing to the contemporary food security crisis
Major Professor: Subramaniam

Rong Fu
Early Parental Loss, Socioeconomic Mobility, Financial Strain and Cognitive Health in the Oldest Old: Reevaluating the Stress Process Model in the Context of Gender Inequality
Major Professor: Anderson

Christopher Malackany
Local Matters: Regulating Economic Development in Two Indiana Cities
Major Professor: Hogan

Patricia Morton
The Things They Carried: The Biological Residue of Childhood Misfortune
Major Professor: Ferraro

Xiaozhao Yang
China Twenty Years After: Substance use under rapid social changes
Major Professor: Kelly


Tyrell Connor
Problem Solving Courts & Race: An Examination of Community Courts and the Impact of Race.
Major Professor: Spencer

Abigail Howard
The Impact of Early Life Adversity on Later Life Health
Major Professor: Jackson

Seoyoun Kim
Social Antecedents and Health Consequences of Productive Activity
Major Professor: Ferraro

Miao Li
Childhood Poverty Dynamics and Obesity in Early and Middle Adulthood: Unpacking the Black Box of Childhood
Major Professor: Anderson

Jennifer Stevens
Understanding Pretrial Release Decisions and Alternatives: A Risky Proposition
Major Professor: Useem

Zhenyu Tang
Urban Privilege and Rural Stigma: The Effect of Household Registration (Hukou) Status on Occupational Mobility and Job Quality in Post-Reform China
Major Professor: Stainback


Reid Leamaster
Women's Resistance To and Compliance With Gendered Expectations in the LDS Church
Major Professor: Olson

Ryan LeCount
White Racial Attitudes In The Age of Obama
Major Professor: Stainback

Robert Morris
Mitigating the Effects of Parental Incarceration through Social Intervention: A Social Psychological Perspective
Major Professor: Useem

Susan Niskanen
What Happened to Deinstitutionalization: An Analysis of Revenue, Expenditures and Quality of Care, from 1980 to 2000
Major Professor: Hogan

Karis Pressler
They'll Think It's A Good Thing": Examining the Dynamics of Walker, Cane, and Wheelchair Use Among Older Adults and their Social Ties
Major Professor: Ferraro and Sands

Lindsay Rinaldo-Wilkinson
Financial Strain and the Health of Black, White, And Hispanic Older Adults: Lingering Effects of the Great Recession?
Major Professor: Ferraro