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If circumstances make it necessary for a student to request a temporary leave of absence, a request in writing must be presented to the Graduate Director, who will bring the request to the Graduate Committee. A form requesting a temporary leave must also be completed and submitted to the Graduate School.  An approved leave under this policy will not count against the time limits stated in the department’s Satisfactory Progress document. An approved leave of absence of one semester will allow the student one additional semester to meet all subsequent degree requirements.

In addition, those who have had a significant life event (but did not receive an approved leave of absence from the Graduate School) may petition to the Graduate Program Committee in the Department of Sociology for an extension of their satisfactory progress time-line. Our departmental policy is intended to accommodate students with responsibilities related to caregiving, adoption, birth of a child, or another similar event.  Students who do not register for classes for three or more consecutive academic sessions (including summer session) will be required by the Graduate School to reapply for admission.