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Grievances and Rights

The Department of Sociology is committed to ensuring that all faculty, staff and students with a concern or grievance relating to their employment or education are aware of the processes available to them as outlined in the Faculty and Staff Handbook or Purdue University Policies: 

Purdue University encourages its academic and administrative personnel to resolve their disagreements through informal, frank and open discussion. However, the University also recognizes that occasionally more formal processes are needed. All such activities, whether informal or formal, must be carried out by all participants within a framework of good faith collegiality.

Faculty and Staff:

Postdoctoral Researchers, Graduate Student Personnel, Clinical Residents and Clinical Interns:


If a faculty, staff, or student member of the Department of Sociology has a grievance about their employment or education we encourage informal, frank and open discussion with an immediate supervisor (i.e. Course instructor, Major Professor, Graduate Director, Undergraduate Director, Department Head) when it is possible.   The Department of Sociology is committed to supporting a climate of prompt and fair resolution of concerns and grievances.