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Spanish Major

The Department of Spanish offers a major in Spanish with two possible tracks, Spanish-Language and Culture Track, BA; and the Spanish-Education Track, BA.
Students select their coursework from a variety of language, linguistics, literature, and culture courses, including specialized courses such as Spanish for the Professions, Business Spanish, and Spanish for Engineering. Spanish is increasingly noted as one of the most important skills for fields such as cloud computing and e-commerce. According to a recent report, studying Spanish opens the door to a wide variety of exciting international and domestic career opportunities.

Additionally, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese along with the College of Liberal Arts offers Purdue students different options for pursuing a major in Spanish: 

    For non-liberal arts majors, the College of Liberal Arts offers a double-major option. Students can complete a degree from the College of Liberal Arts along with a degree from another academic area without having to fulfill the CLA core curriculum. For example, a student can complete a double major in Spanish and Engineering without taking the CLA core courses. For more information, visit the College of Liberal Arts Degree+ website
  • DEGREE IN 3:
    The College of Liberal Arts offers the opportunity for students to complete their degree in three years. The Degree in 3 major allows students to enter the workforce or graduate school a year earlier than traditional plans of study, while also providing a cost-effective way to complete an undergraduate degree. Students can complete the three-year option with or without AP credit by adding summer sessions to traditional coursework in the Fall and Spring semesters. The Degree in 3 offers a great combination of cost-savings and the opportunity to accelerate students' futures and achieve their professional goals. For more information, visit the College of Liberal Arts Degree in 3.