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Financial Aid 

Financial aid in the English graduate program often takes the form of teaching assistantship (GTA) or fellowship positions.

Currently, GTA positions pay $19,000 per year (covering the 10-month school year), in addition to waiving tuition and providing health insurance. Tuition for summer courses, taken between teaching semesters, is also waived. (Semester fees, typically around $300 per semester, are not waived.)

To be considered for a teaching assistantship, we ASK THAT YOU include in your application for graduate study at Purdue—either in your statement of purpose or among your letters of recommendation (or both)—an indication of your experience and/or interest in teaching.

All graduate students who receive a teaching assistantship are closely supervised in their first year by assigned mentors and members of the faculty. First-year GTAs are required to compete ENG505, a pedagogical practicum course, in both semesters of their first year. All GTAs in the department, starting in their first year, hold the full responsibility for teaching two classes of English 106—Purdue’s introductory composition course. Most first-year GTAs will teach one 106 class in the fall, and another in the spring. ENG 106 is capped at 20 students. You can learn more about the introductory composition program by visiting its website.


Note on Fellowship positions:

If you wish to be considered for a fellowship position, we encourage you to apply by the end of December each application period. The Graduate School has a handful of competitive fellowships for which you may be considered.

 Other funding options:

Competitive research grants are also made available to qualified students.

Information on the Dean's Fellowship program is available from this website

The Graduate School makes available summer Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) Research Grants to students who are well along in their programs. Recommendation for the summer PRF Research Grant is made by the student's major professor.

Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) Research Grants are also awarded during the regular academic year.