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Asian American Studies

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The undergraduate Asian American Studies Program at Purdue offers students the opportunity to pursue a minor in Asian American Studies. The program focuses on the complex cultural heritage of Asian Americans and provides students a way to deepen their understanding of issues such as ethnicity, gender, identity, and racial history, linking the Asian American experience to the development of America and its multicultural consciousness. While the program focuses on the experience of Asians in the United States, it can also give students a perspective on the Asian American experience within transnational and global contexts. As an interdisciplinary minor, it encourages students to pursue issues of Asian Americanness within fields such as history, literature, sociology, and art.

The Council on Asian American Studies established the Asian American Studies Program and minor in 2007. The Council also sponsors lectures, readings, and events, and is working toward developing an Asian American Cultural Center at Purdue.

CIC Consortium in Asian American Studies

The Asian American Studies program at Purdue University is an institutional member of the CIC consortium of Asian American Studies programs. The CIC consists of the Big 10 plus the University of Chicago. The consortium promotes collaboration among the existing Asian American Studies programs and also brings visibility to the research and teaching at Midwestern institutions.

For more information, visit the CIC Consortium website.

Video Introducing Interdisciplinary Programs at Purdue (via YouTube)

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