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Shaniah Chaparro

Majors: Sociology, Human Resource Development

Shaniah Chaparro

My name is Shaniah Chaparro. I double majored in Sociology and Human Resource Development, and I am from Lafayette, Indiana.

When it came time to apply to colleges, my main focus was to find a college that I believed would help me grow and succeed as a student. Since I live just minutes away from campus, I felt that going to Purdue would impact my college experience and that I would feel too close to home. This perspective on attending Purdue changed when I took a tour for the College of Liberal Arts. After my tour, I was left without a doubt that Purdue was the place that was going to help me create the best version of myself. The College of Liberal Arts left me feeling secure and confident in my choice to attend Purdue, and never have I doubted that I made the right decision by choosing this to be my second home. 

Since enrolling at Purdue, I had many opportunities that allowed me to expand and immerse myself into different settings and learning environments. I was a part of leadership positions, organizations, clubs, internships, and a study abroad opportunity that all helped me grow as a student and person.

Aside from these opportunities, I was able to succeed academically with the help and guidance from the inspiring and devoted professors in the College of Liberal Arts. The dedication and commitment that the professors give to their students is ultimately what has made me believe that I could not find a better place for me to pursue my college education. In addition to teaching, the professors in the College of Liberal Arts are very invested in their students and are always willing to serve as a guide and motivation for continued success with not just their course, but with college and life, as well. I was lucky to have met two great mentors through this college. The connections that I made with them, as well as other staff, have served as tools for success in my college career.

Another factor that adds to the uniqueness of Purdue is the ability to pursue a dual-major college path that is made doable and manageable with the flexibility of the College of Liberal Arts. Thanks to the unique Degree+ Program, I was fortunate to pursue two degrees on a four-year track. This program allowed me to expand my horizons as far as career pathways and options post graduation. With the support of the College of Liberal Arts, I have been able to accomplish more than I ever thought I could in my college career. Coming to Purdue and being a part of all that I have been has made me feel very fortunate to have been able to join such a diverse, supportive, dedicated, and driven community.