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Mohan Ge

Mass Communication

WLFI-TV Summer News Intern

How has your internship helped build skills and clarify your career goals?

I learned a lot of skills from my internship. I learned how to interview, story-telling, interpersonal, edit, film on special issue. I find my passion on tell stories and make connections in community. I think this internship gives me a future look of my future career, and how to satisfy in a daily deadline based work.           

How do you apply your Liberal Arts skills in your internship?

My Liberal Arts skills helps me a lot during my internships. Because I ran the school News in the past, so I have basic skills of being a reporter. In addition, I learned how to respect, interact, and make connections with people from different field.  

Describe your typical day as an intern.

My day starts at 9 am, I will go to the station and talk to each reporter and find out what kind of story they have for today. At 9:30, we will have morning News meeting, which we will discuss today's story. I get assign by internship instructor to work with one or multiple reporter for a day. I usually help them shooting some footage and also add interview questions during the interview. After we get back to station, we will cut the story together and come up with the story. Our work will on air 5 pm and 6 pm.