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Undergraduate Advisor Directory

Lupita Acosta-Roberts (she/her/ella), B.A. Purdue University; M.A. University of Chicago |

Senior Academic Advisor | Mentor Coordinator | Areas of Advising: African American Studies, Anthropology, Classical StudiesDigital CriminologyLatin American and Latino Studies Minor, Law and Society, LGBTQ Studies MinorNative American Indigenous Studies Minor, Science and Technology Studies CertificateSociology, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Advice to students: “Continue striving for your goals, setbacks are steps to success.”

Adrienne Albrecht (she/her/hers), B.A. Purdue University; B.S. Purdue University; MSEd Purdue University |

Director of Academic and Career Advising | Areas of Advising: Anthropology, Medical Humanities Certificate

Advice to Students: "Beginning with the end in mind is a great way to look at any new situation. What do you want your college experience to look like upon graduation? Start making steps toward that goal from the very first day at Purdue. Get involved on campus, connect with you advisor and professors, make sure you establish a weekly schedule to build in studying, fun, rest, etc. If you do this from the start, you will have created a rich, meaningful college experience upon graduation."

Yuliya Boesch (she/her/hers), B.A. Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus; M.S. Purdue University |

 Senior Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Digital Criminology, Film and Video Production, Film and Video Studies, Law and Society, Sports Studies and Production CertificateSociology

Advice to Students: "Do not hesitate to ask for help. Reach out to an advisor with any questions you have. Purdue University has so many helpful resources that we can connect you with. Use your college experience as a learning opportunity. Do your best in the courses you take and reach out for help if it is needed. Get involved in student organizations and campus activities that challenge you and help you build supportive communities far from home."

Devin De Both (she/her/hers), B.A. Purdue University; M.S. Eastern Illinois University |

Academic Advisor | Area of Advising: Art History, Creative WritingDance MinorEnglish, Industrial Design, Integrated Studio Arts, Interior Design - Professional Program, Professional WritingStudio Arts and Technology, Visual Communication Design

Advice to students: “Appreciate and take advantage of free public transport. Soak in the opportunity to live within walking distance to your friends, food, and events." 

Joshua Dexter-Wiens (he/him/his), B.A. Purdue University; M.A. Purdue University |

Assistant Director of Academic and Career Advising | Area of Advising: Communication; Digital Humanities Certificate

Advice to students: “Pick courses that interest you. Get to know your instructors by chatting with them during office hours. Avoid procrastination. Ask lots of questions. Speak up and answer questions during class. Sit towards the front of the room. Prioritize your time and...don't forget to have some fun." 

Melanie Dorsey (she/her/hers), B.A. Purdue University; M.S.M. Indiana Wesleyan |      Office number: 765-494-4976

Senior Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Art HistoryMusicAsian American Studies MinorIndustrial DesignIntegrated Studio Arts, Interior Design - Professional Program, Studio Arts and Technology, Visual Arts Design Education, Visual Arts EducationVisual Communication Design

Advice to students: “Try new things. Take this opportunity to learn and grow in ways you never imagined. Make connections with people, places, and new ideas. Ask for help when you need it. Build a strong network of those who believe in'll need them throughout life."

Nina Haberer (she/her/hers), J.D. |

Senior Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: American Studies, History, Human Rights Studies Minor, Film and Video ProductionFilm and Video Studies, Jewish Studies

Advice to students: "Be true to yourself. Be fair to others and treat them as you want to be treated. That one's a classic for a reason! Strive for balance in all things. Laughter is the best medicine. Enjoy life and stay centered."

Britain Hamm (he/him/his), B.S. Western Illinois University; M.S. Western Illinois University |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Arabic Language and Culture MinorAsian Studies, ASL and Deaf Studies MinorChinese Studies, Environmental and Sustainability Studies CertificateEnvironmental Politics and Policy MinorGerman, Islamic Studies MinorJapanese, Political Science, Public Policy CertificateRussian

Advice to students: “Be kind. Be kind to others no matter who they are or what their views are. Most importantly, be kind to yourself, because none of us are perfect."

Nancy Homan (she/her/hers), B.A., M.S. Saint Leo University,  PsyD California Southern University |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Art HistoryEconomics, Industrial Design, Integrated Studio Arts, Interior Design - Professional Program, Studio Arts and Technology, Visual Communication Design

Advice to students: “Have fun! Try new activities and explore all that campus has to offer. Utilize all the resources that are available and join some clubs. College can be overwhelming but there are so many people who are here to help. Don't be afraid to ask, we are always here for you!"

Rachel King (she/her/hers), B.A. Purdue University, M.S. Purdue University |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Digital CriminologyFrench, Global Studies, Italian, Law and SocietyLinguistics, Portuguese MinorSociologySpanish

Advice to students: “College is a great time to explore different interests and skills, so don't be afraid to try new things because you might find your next passion! There are lots of great student groups and resources to help you on your journey of academic and personal growth. Don't hesitate to ask for help, your advisor can point you toward great resources to explore your academic and personal interest on campus and in the community. Use a planner or calendar to keep track of everything and try to use your time wisely because it goes fast!"

Devon Ramirez (she/her/hers) B.A. Purdue University, M.B. A. Purdue

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Art History, Digital CriminologyIndustrial Design, Integrated Studio Arts, Interior Design - Professional ProgramLaw and Society, SociologyStudio Arts and Technology, Visual Communication Design

Sarah Starks (she/her/hers), B.A. Purdue University |

Academic Advisor | Areas of AdvisingCommunication, Cornerstone CertificateDigital Criminology, Law and Society, Political Science, Sociology

Advice to students: "If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost." -Zig Ziglar

Erica Tobe (she/her/hers) |

Operations Manager

Candace Tulacz-Moore (they/them), B.A. Purdue University; M.A. Eastern Michigan University |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: CommunicationComparative Literature, Creative Writing, English, Film and Video ProductionFilm and Video Studies, Political Science, Professional Writing

Advice to students: "Get involved in student organizations and volunteer opportunities to find your community on campus. Try new things (i.e. take a course on a subject you've never heard of OR try a Den Pop flavor on the wall of the Discount Den you're never had)! Do not be afraid to fail. Your greatest power comes from your ability to learn and grow from the experiences that challenge you. Your professors WANT you to come to office hours (especially when you're struggling) - so GO! Purdue has so many resources - something for pretty much anything you may need support with - your advisor can help connect you to those resources, so ASK FOR HELP. Enjoy each moment; be present with your friends. This is cliché, but it goes by really fast!"

Coleen Williams (she/her/hers), J.D. |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Artificial IntelligenceCritical Disability Studies, Economics, Peace Studies MinorPhilosophyPolitical SciencePublic Policy CertificateReligious Studies

Courtney Wilson (she/her/hers), B.A. Hanover College; M.S. Purdue University Global |

Academic Advisor | Areas of Advising: Acting: Communication through Performance CertificateComparative Literature, Creative Writing, Digital CriminologyEnglishEnglish EducationLaw and Society, Professional WritingSociology, Sound for the Performing Arts, Theatre, Theatre Lighting Certificate

Advice to students: "Take things one day at a time. College can feel overwhelming at times but just focus on what you need and want to do to make your experience a success. Don't hesitate to try new things!"