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ASL and Deaf Studies

This minor is designed to introduce students to ASL and teach them about ASL as a language, and Deaf culture. Students will learn ASL through the core coursework of the program and will gain a deeper understanding of ASL/Deaf studies through required and elective courses. The ASL minor program will prepare students for careers in a variety of fields, including health/medical, business, and education.

Students will learn and develop advanced ASL conversational skills that can be used for a variety of settings, topics, and functions. They will scrutinize the importance of communicating with their whole body, including facial expressions and the shape, placement, and movement of hands, when conveying information through ASL. They will gain experience conversing in American Sign Language.

2023-24 Plan of Study

2022-23 Plan of Study

2021-22 Plan of Study

School of Languages and Cultures