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Beate I. Allert
SC 256
(765) 494-3865
Director of Comparative Literature Program, Professor of German, Comparative Literature and Film Studies

German and Comparative Literature, esp. 18th and 19th centuries, Enlightenment, Weimar Classicism, Romanticism, Hermeneutics, Critical Theory, Metaphor, Ekphrasis, Visual-Verbal Dynamics, Color Theories, Film studies

Thomas Broden
SC 284
(765) 496-7278
Professor of French

20th Century French literature, especially narrative, semiotics, fashion and modern French culture, history of modern French linguistics

Robert Channon
SC G021
(765) 496-1683
Associate Professor of Russian and Linguistics


Elena Coda
SC 146C
(765) 494-3833
Associate Professor of Italian

Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Italian Literature

Alejandro Cuza
SC 160
(765) 496-1685
Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, Director of Linguistics

Second Language Acquisition, Child and Adult Bilingual Development, Spanish Morphosyntax and Semantics, Psycholinguistics

Lori A Czerwionka
SC 168
(765) 496-6046
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

My research interests lie broadly in pragmatics, discourse, sociolinguistics, and second language acquisition. Current research projects address discourse organization and the use of discourse markers by native and non-native speakers of Spanish, acquisition of pragmatic norms, and intercultural communication.

Keith Dickson
SC G066
Professor of Classics

Greek Literature, Comparative Mythology, Ancient Medicine

Paul B. Dixon
SC 155
(765) 494-3835
Professor of Portuguese and Spanish; PSRL Editor

Literature, literary theory, culture, cinema, comparative literature

Olga Dmitrieva
SC 166
(765) 494-9330
Assistant Professor of Russian and Linguistics

Theoretical and Laboratory Phonology, Acoustic Phonetics, Crosslinguistic Speech Perception, Language Interference in Second Language Acquisition.

Atsushi Fukada
SC 268
Professor of Japanese and Linguistics

Pragmatics, Japanese Linguistics, Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Foreign Language Education

Patricia Hart
SC 288
(765) 494-3857
Professor of Spanish

Spanish Literature and Film

Kazumi Hatasa
SC 286
(765) 494-3846
Professor of Japanese

Japanese Language Education; Computer Instruction

Wei Hong
BRNG 1290G
(765) 494-3731
Professor of Applied Linguistics

Pragmatics, Chinese Linguistics, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Daniel Hsieh
SC 161
(765) 494-8598
Associate Professor of Chinese; Chair Department of East Asian Languages

Chinese Language; Classical Chinese Literature

Ahmed Idrissi Alami
SC 260
(765) 496-2265
Associate Professor of Arabic; Chair of Arabic, Classics, Hebrew, and Italian (ACHI)

Literature, Comparative Cultural Studies

Yonsoo Kim
SC 125
(765) 494-3830
Associate Professor of Spanish

Medieval and Golden Age Iberian Literature, Medicine and Literature, Gender Studies, Religious Studies,Text Digitalization, and Disability Studies

Cara Kinnally
SC 282
Assistant Professor, Spanish

Mexican and Mexican American literature; Latino/a studies and literature; border studies; empire studies and (post) colonial theory; critical race theory.

Clotilde Landais
SC 209
(765) 494-9522
Assistant Professor of French

Imaginative Fiction written in English and French

Literary Translation (theory and practice)

Postmodern theories

Digital Humanities

Professional French

Benjamin Lawton
SC 139
Associate Professor in Italian
Paula Leverage
SC 280
(765) 494-9661
Associate Professor of French

Old French and Occitan literature, Rhetoric, Comparative Literature, Film

Erin Moodie
SC 203
Assistant Professor of Classics

Greek and Latin Literature, especially comedy and satire.

Colleen Neary-Sundquist
SC 172
(765) 494-9365
Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

Applied Linguistics

Song No
SC 188
(765) 494-3866
Associate Professor of Spanish

Spanish Golden Age Literature; Transatlantic and Transpacific Studies; Transculturation Studies; Colonial Latin American Literature and Culture; Spanish Golden Age Literature; Asian Diasporas in Latin America; Popular Culture Studies; Critical Theories

Daniel J. Olson
SC 178
(765) 494-9387
Associate Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

Phonetics and Phonology; Bilingualism, Language Contact, Code switching, and Language switching;  Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics

Nicholas K. Rauh
SC 211
(765) 496-6079
Professor of Classics
Iñigo Sanchez-Llama
SC 158
(765) 496-2256
Professor of Spanish

Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature, Women's Writing, Feminist Theory, Canon Formation Theory, Sociology of Literature

Marcia Stephenson
SC 266
(765) 494-9531
Chair, Spanish and Portuguese. Associate Professor of Spanish and Women's Studies

Women´s Studies, Latin American literature, 20th century, Andean cultural studies

Dawn F. Stinchcomb
SC 162
(765) 496-6082
Associate Professor of Spanish

Afro-Hispanic Literature, Latin American Literatures and Cultures, Hispanic Caribbean Literature

Jessica L. Sturm
SC 186
(765) 496-9692
Associate Professor of French and Applied Linguistics; Chair of French

Second Language Acquisition; French as a foreign language; L2 pronunciation; 

John Sundquist
SC 170
(765) 496-3936
Associate Professor of German and Linguistics

Historical Germanic Linguistics, Syntax and Morphology, Language Variation and Change, Second Language Acquisition Theory, Language Pedagogy

Jeffrey Turco
SC 262
Associate Professor of German; Comparative Literature; Medieval and Renaissance Studies; Religious Studies

Old Norse-Icelandic Literature, Medieval German Literature, Germanic Folklore and Mythography, Wagner, Medieval Italian Literature

Germina N Veldwachter Veldwachter, Germina N
SC 292
Associate Professor, French SLC
Hongjian Wang
SC 261
Assistant Professor of Chinese, Asian Studies, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies, SLC
  • Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film, theater, print media, cultural history
  • comparative literature, Decadence, comedy, the avant-garde, reflexivity.

Hongjian Wang is generally interested in the aesthetics and politics of modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film, and theater, which she approaches from comparative, interdisciplinary, and historical perspectives. Her book manuscript, The Rise and Fall of China's Modern Cultural Elite: A Re-Examination of Decadence in the Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature, delves into the cultural dynamics in twentieth-century China that gave rise to Decadent literature in the European sense. Her research has also touched upon a variety of subjects, such as Chinese masculinity represented in the print media, the performative mode of documentary filmmaking, and the cult followings of comedy films. Her ongoing research projects include: the avant-garde theater in (post)socialist China; the surge of reflexivity in contemporary Chinese literature, film, and theater; and the issue of aging in contemporary Chinese female writing.

Hongjian Wang teaches Chinese language, Chinese cinema, modern Chinese literature and theater. She also serves on the committees of several graduate students in Comparative Literature on a variety of topics on modern China.

Mariko Moroishi Wei
SC 174
(765) 496-6044
Associate Professor of Japanese and Linguistics

Japanese; Second Language Acquisition; Language Pedagogy; Psycholinguistics

Jen William
SC 146B
(765) 494-3834
Professor of German and SLC Head

20th and 21st century literature and film; cognitive-literary studies

Continuing Lecturers

Daleth Assad
SC 257
(765) 496-3988
Continuing Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese
Tatjana Babic Williams
SC 128A
Continuing Lecturer in Italian
Lourdes Barranco-Cortes
SC G078
Continuing Lecturer in Spanish; Course Coordinator Spanish 101-102
Jason Baumer
SC 210
Continuing Lecturer in German; Course Coordinator
Sharon Borkowski
PRCE 189
(765) 588-4671
Continuing Lecturer in ASL
Blanca Cabrera de Morales
SC 278
(765) 496-1691
Continuing Lecturer in Spanish; Business and Spanish Coordinator
Amina Gabrielova
SC 190
Continuing Lecturer in Russian
Giuseppina Grande
SC G068
Continuing Lecturer in Italian
Marina Ishii
SC 263
Continuing Lecturer in Japanese
Soufien Jarraya
SC 184
Continuing Lecturer in Arabic
Alon Kantor
SC 192
(765) 494-3873
Continuing Lecturer in Modern Hebrew; Book Review Editor, Shofar
Olga Lyanda-Geller
SC 180
(765) 494-9390
Continuing Lecturer in Russian

Russian language, Modern Russian literature, Philosophy of Language, History of Language, Linguistics

Elizabeth Mercier
SC 204
(765) 496-2262
Continuing Lecturer in Latin and Greek
Annalisa Mosca
SC 143
(765) 496-2285
Continuing Lecturer in Italian; Coordinator of Italian Language Levels

Foreign Language Pedagogy and Technology; Literacy in Foreign Languages applied to Italian as a Second Language (ILS); Italian Language and Culture; French Language and Culture.

Sayuri Ogiuchi
SC G057
Continuing Lecturer of Japanese
Akiko Ohashi Brennan
SC 290
(765) 496-3254
Continuing Lecturer of Japanese Language


Raymond C Olson
PRCE 187
(765) 588-4806
Continuing Lecturer in ASL
Kely Paez-Urbano
SC 107
Continuing Lecturer in Spanish; Course Coordinator Spanish 301/302
Marc Rathmann
SC 272
(765) 494-7647
Continuing Lecturer in German

Business German, German Applied Linguistics

Stuart Robertson
SC 270
(765) 494-7691
Continuing Lecturer in Biblical Hebrew

Hebrew Bible, Hellenistic Judaism, Septuagint, Second Temple Judaism, Josephus

Robin A Shay
PRCE 193
(765) 588-3553
Continuing Lecturer in ASL

ASL 101, 102 and 202, ASL Linguistics, ASL History, De'VIA (Deaf Arts)

Cecilia Tenorio
SC 156
(765) 494-3842
Continuing Lecturer in Spanish; Program Director for Spanish Level 7 and 8; Translation

Translation and Interpretation.

Ana Valero Pena
SC 163
French Continuing Lecturer
Susana I. Venis
SC 205
Spanish Continuing Lecturer
Alice Chi-ying Wang
SC G063
Chinese Continuing Lecturer

Chinese Culture, Literature and Art History

Visiting Assistant Professor

Daniel Conner
SC 103
Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics
Nuur Hamad Zahonero

Visiting Assistant Professor
Ibrahim Marazka
SC 105
Visiting Assistant Professor of German

Emeriti Faculty

Paul Benhamou
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of French


Zinaida Breschinsky
SC 146G
(765) 494-3864
Professor Emerita of Russian


Becky Brown

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics


Wm. Buffington
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of Russian
Fritz Cohen
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of German
Maria Cooks
SC 146G
Professor Emerita of Spanish


David Flory
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Portuguese
Robert Freeman
STEW 156
(765) 494-9307
Associate Professor; SLC Bibliographer & Reference Librarian


Alan Garfinkel
SC 146G
(765) 463-7071
Professor Emeritus of Spanish
Robert Hammond
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and Romance Languages

Linguistics, Span Phonetics Phonology & Dialectology, Romance Linguistics, Portuguese Linguistics, French Linguistics

William Hatfield
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of French
Madeleine M Henry

Emeritus of Classics
Christiane Keck
SC 146G
Professor Emerita of German

German Language and Literature

Thomas Kelly
SC 146G
(765) 714-9338
Professor Emeritus of French
Howard Mancing

Professor Emeritus of Spanish

Literature, literary theory, Comparative Literature, optics and metaphor, linguistics

Floyd Merrell
SC 146G
(765) 494-9307
Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Semiotics

Latin American literature, semiotic theory, Latin American culture, literary theory

Jay Rosellini

Professor Emeritus

Historical and political drama, GDR studies, dissident writers, Austrian studies, literature and politics, environmental studies, conservative intellectuals, right-wing populism.

Herbert Rowland
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of German

Late Eighteenth, early Nineteenth centuries, Goethe, Lessing, Hans Christian Andersen, poetic realism, Danish-German literary relations, Danish-American and German-American literary relations

Eiji Sekine
SC G068
(765) 496-2258
Emeritus of Languages and Cultures

Japanese Literature and Literary Theory

Leon L. Titche
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of German

20th century fiction, comparative literature, classical mythology.

Erdmute W White
SC 146G
(765) 494-9307
Professor Emerita of French
Joseph Wipf
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of German and Second Language Acquisition
Allen Wood
SC 146G
Professor Emeritus of French

Seventeenth century French literature, Moliere, La Fontaine, Business French

Limited Term Lecturers

Sawsan Awad
PRCE 185
Arabic Lecturer
Brett Bogart
SC 254
Limited Term Lecturer in Italian
Coline Boschetto
SC G064
Limited Term Lecturer in French
Stalin Encarnacion Nunez
SC G072
Limited Term Lecturer in Spanish
Norma Garrido-Saenz
SC 214
Spanish Limited Term Lecturer
Niovel Hidalgo
SC G005
Spanish LTL
Irina Hinkel
SC 213
Limited Term Lecturer in German
Charlotte Jost
SC G054
Limited Term Lecturer in German
Deliya Kuleshova
SC 213
Limited Term Lecturer in Russian
Zimfira Madan
SC 180
Limited Term Lecturer in Russian
Yuko Ogawa
SC 164
Limited Term Lecturer in Japanese
Mary Jane Olson
PRCE 184
ASL Limited Term Lecturer
Aditi Rayarikar
SC 208
SLC Graduate student
Gabriel Rios Rojas
SC G072
Limited Term Lecturer in Spanish
Lyubov Sylayeva
SC 213
Limited Term Lecturer in Russian
Zhengyu (Jade) Tang
SC G063
(765) 496-6222
Chinese Limited Term Lecturer
Ai-Jen Wann
SC G063
(765) 496-6222
Limited Term Lecturer in Chinese

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