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Engage will provide financial support to tenure‐track faculty members, especially early‐ and mid‐career faculty, to organize 2‐3 day workshops focused on advancing a piece of scholarship that is in final draft form. An individual Liberal Arts faculty member with a final draft of a single authored or co-authored work in the form of monographs, 2‐3 related journal articles can apply to Engage. Funds can be used to invite 3‐5 leading scholars and/or practitioners in the field to visit campus or host one or several virtual consultations and advise on ways to strengthen/improve the work‐ in‐progress. Engage awardees are expected to acknowledge Engage grant at workshops and publication of the books and articles.


Each academic unit in the College will be allocated funds to support one workshop per year. The unit head will be responsible for communicating this opportunity among his/her faculty and reviewing proposals at the unit level. Final approval for awarding these funds will be made by the Dean.


Deadlines for the Dean’s approval are announced each Academic Year the grant is offered.


Awards up to $100,000 per year, will support virtual consultations, travel, and accommodations for workshop participants, meals and meeting spaces during workshop sessions, and other related costs associated with hosting 3‐5 guests for several days.
For more information, contact the head of your department.