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****All Funds have been allocated for the 2023-24 academic year ****

The CREATE program supports the development of new artistic works emphasizing the need to address the expenses directly related to the research and production and presentation of new creative work.  Scroll down for application materials.


There are expenses involved with the creation of almost any artistic work. Sometimes projects are abandoned simply due to these expenses.

The Dean of the College of Liberal Arts will appoint a committee of faculty to review proposals and make funding recommendations to the Dean.  The Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and International Programs will work with the committee to coordinate their work, communicate with the Dean and administer the program.

The Provost’s Office has allocated $50,000 for the CREATE program, of which $30,000 in funds remain for the 2023-24 academic year. Funding is structured in three tiers for artistic production and presentation and is available only to tenure-track and clinical CLA Faculty.

  • Tier 1 provides up to $2,500 toward the production of art including acquisition of materials, production and presentation costs, including travel for modest creative projects. Funds for travel should be directly related to the creative process, not for simple conference attendance.  
  • Tier 2 provides up to $10,000 for the projects requiring more significant resources in the completion and/or presentation of a work. Funds for travel should be directly related to the creative process. 
  • Tier 3 provides $10,000-$25,000 for significant projects that require major acquisition of materials, equipment, or other production or presentation costs. Funds for travel should be directly related to the creative process. 

The shared objective of the Provost and Dean Reingold is to inspire creative individuals to produce and present artistic work at the very highest levels.

For further details on what is required in an application, click here.

Submission Deadlines:

Fall Semester:       October 2nd, 2023
Spring Semester:  Mid-March

Links to documents needed for submissions:
*  Full CREATE Criteria Grant Criteria and Instructions   (click here)  
*  CREATE Cover Sheet  PDF
*  CREATE Budget Justification (click here)
*  CREATE Proposal Budget Form (click here)

Asterisk [*] = required to include with submission

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