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Jody Watkins

Jody Watkins profile photo.

Associate Teaching Professor 


Jody Taylor Watkins is an Associate Teaching Professor in the Cornerstone Integrated Liberal Arts program who has taught in the Cornerstone program for the last two years.  

She has degrees from the University of Maine, Vanderbilt University, and Purdue University, where she earned a Ph.D. in anthropology. Her doctoral research was an ethnographic study focused on expressions of Welsh identity among non-Welsh-speaking individuals in the southeastern part of Wales. Her academic interests include ethnicity and national identity; the Welsh diaspora in North America; social movements; use of ethnographic works as teaching tools; and interdisciplinarity in the study of cultures.  

Prior to coming to Purdue, Watkins taught and worked as a research librarian for many years at St. Joseph’s College of Indiana, where she received the Teaching Excellence Award. She taught courses in culture and society; gender and culture; ethnography; and social movements in the sociology department. She also taught for many years in various units of the institution’s Core program, an integrated liberal arts curriculum required of all students.