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Andrew Flachs

Photo of Andrew Flachs

Assistant Professor


Trained as an environmental anthropologist, Dr. Flachs' research spans sustainable agriculture, food studies, the anthropology of knowledge, and political ecology. Through this work, He seeks to better understand how humans create sustainable environmental relationships within the context of markets, ecology, state interventions, and social networks.  He is also interested in the ways that humans build and use ecological knowledge to inform agricultural decision-making. His ongoing projects in South Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America use ethnography to bridge the gaps between ecology and economics as we look to better understand the global spread of food and agriculture systems in a changing world.  In addition to numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, Dr. Flachs' writing and photography has appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, the National Geographic Explorer's Journal, Nature: Plants, the Denmark-based Nature and Environment Magazine, Voices for Biodiversity, and he is the co-editor of the Society of Ethnobiology Forage! Blog.