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Subodhana (Subo) Wijeyeratne

Subodhana (Subo) Wijeyeratne

Assistant Professor // History

Affiliated Faculty // Asian Studies // SLC

Office and Contact

Room: UNIV 026

Subodhana (Subo) Wijeyeratne is a historian of technology with a focus on East Asia, and Japan in particular. I’ve written about the role of racial thinking in wartime, the impact of space programs on Japanese localities, and China’s space past and future. I’m interested in the history of science more generally, and the interface between people and technology. The stuff we use to communicate, travel, and educate ourselves to a large extent defines who we think we are – and that’s what interests me the most. My Ph.D. was about the Japanese space program – a pretty nifty story full of rockets launching on beaches, old ladies hauling rocks, a ‘rocket trishaw’, and the first probe to bring stuff back from an asteroid.

I’m also a writer of speculative fiction. I’ve had over twenty short stories published in venues like Welkin, Expanded Horizons, and Mythaxis. I also have in print a novel (The Slixes) and a collection of short stories (Tales from the Stone Lotus); you can find them both on Amazon. My next novel, Triangulum: An Epic of the Nine Worlds of Surya, will be published by Rosarium Publishing in 2024.  I love science fiction and fantasy but often find it frustrating how badly written a lot of it is, or how much of it neglects the human experiences that lie at the core of all good stories. My goal is to combine a sense of wonder with meditations on the lived experience of being human. Just like me, my writing is a work in progress.