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Monica O'Neil

Monica O'Neil

Visiting Assistant Professor // Classics // SLC

Office and Contact


Monica O’Neil received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Purdue.


She has previously taught English, Latin, and Comparative Literature courses. Before receiving her Ph.D., she held teaching positions at Cincinnati State Community College and at an intermediate school in Fishers, IN.

Research Areas / Interests / Specialization

Dr. O’Neil’s research focuses on geocriticism and conceptualizations of liminal space in Renaissance and classical texts. Most recently focusing on Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, her work explores how Mediterranean and Ephesian marketplace settings are implicated in the play’s confusing and terrifying events. Current projects include an examination of feminized geography and cartography – a literal mapping of the female body – in paintings of Titian and von Aachen, as well as works by Shakespeare and Aristophanes.

Other research interests include ritual pollution and purification, trickster figures, and Mary Douglas’ concept of dirt.