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Huhao Yang

Huhao Yang

Graduate Student // Theatre // Rueff School

Office and Contact

Room: PAO 2135


Phone: (765) 496-3046


Huhao Yang comes from China and is currently pursuing sound design MFA at Purdue University. Huhao has extensive work experience in the field of audio technology and sound design. During his undergraduate period, he participated in professional audio work in various units including the CCTV Spring Festival Gala Audio Group and Zhejiang Satellite TV Audio Department. And he also received the 5th Sound Academy Award from the CSMPTE. At Purdue Theatre, he has served as the sound board operator for In the blood, the assistant production sound engineer for Mother Courage, and the sound designer and production sound engineer for Spring 2021 Dance Concert. He is also working as the sound designer for Fefu and Her Friends. As the manager of Purdue sound studio, he is also maintaining the operation of the studio well. He hopes to further improve himself at Purdue Theatre, and become an outstanding sound artist and sound engineer in the future.


Area of Study

Sound Design