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Caitlin Fendley

Caitlin Fendley

Graduate Student // History

Curriculum vitae

Office and Contact

Room: Office: REC 401

Office hours: by appointment



Instructor HIST352 - Death, Disease, and Medicine in 20th Century American History (current)
TA HIST363 - History of Medicine and Public Health

TA HIST 103 - Introduction to the Medieval World
TA HIST 372 - History of the American West (online)
TA HIST 105 - Survey of Global History
TA HIST 387 - History of the Space Age
TA HIST 151 - American History to 1877

B.A. (Honours), History and Psychology, University of Guelph (2015)


History of Medicine
20th Century U.S. History
History of Science and Technology
Aerospace History