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Sociology Honors Program

The objectives of the Sociology Honors Program are to recognize outstanding majors in this discipline and provide them with a unique opportunity to engage in sociological research. Participation in the Honors Program involves enrolling in SOC 497H (Senior Honors Seminar) in the spring semester of one's junior year and SOC 498H (Senior Honors Paper) the following fall semester of one's senior year. Those successfully completing the two courses will be awarded Departmental Honors in Sociology which will be noted on their official Purdue University transcript.

SOC 497H is a small seminar in which students actively discuss theory and research dealing with a current sociological issue. Recent topics have included the courts, sociology of family relations, society and modern technologies, race and ethnicity, and media and politics.

2008 Senior Honors Seminar in Sociology
Prof. Rachel Einwohner with Senior Honors Seminar students

SOC 498H involves conducting individual research projects on some aspects of the topic explored in SOC 497H. The particular topic of each student's paper will be chosen by the student in consultation with the instructor of SOC 497H. Students in SOC 498H will meet periodically throughout the semester for orientation and discussion of their topics, and later in the semester for presentation of their papers reporting the results of their research.

For information about the selection criteria and process contact your Academic Advisor:

Academic Advisors for Sociology and Law & Society
College of Liberal Arts Undergraduate Advising & Career Center
1114 Beering Hall
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907