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Bachelor Degree in Law and Society

The Law and Society program exists to provide students with essential preparation for sucessful law-related careers and responsible citizenship. Academic excellence is achieved through a student-centered learning environment combining theoretical knowledge and practical application. Students are exposed to social science research about law and law-breaking and develop the ability to think creatively and critically about human behavior, societal understandings about normality and deviance, systemic problems in the American legal system, and law enforcement. Law and Society majors are guided through a curriculum that prepares students to become conscientious, responsible change-agents in their future careers. The combination of experiential training and sociological education is the foundation of the Law and Society program.

 The Law and Society Plan of Study  guides undergraduates in planning the four-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.  It supplements the following University and College of Liberal Arts requirements: 

Students, in consultation with the College of Liberal Arts academic advisors, assume the responsibility for organizing their programs and satisfying their degree requirements.

Detailed information about the Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology can be directed to the main office at (765) 494-4668.