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Bachelor Degree in Sociology 

The study in sociology offers students the opportunity to study fascinating issues of human social relations and institutions that are critical to the functioning of a healthy society.  The expanse of subject matter explored range from social and political movements, race and gender inequalities, religion, family, class, power, and hierarchal structures, and stability and instabilities in an ever-changing global society.  Understanding patterns and causes of human relations, the role of social institutions and agencies as they seek to meet the demands growing demographic change are just some of the issues you will study as a sociology major.

The Sociology Plan of Study guides undergraduates in planning the four-year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.  It supplements the following University and College of Liberal Arts requirements: 

Students, in consultation with the College of Liberal Arts academic advisors, assume the responsibility for organizing their programs and satisfying their degree requirements.

Detailed information about the Bachelors of Arts degree in Sociology can be directed to the main office at (765) 494-4668.