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SOC 489 - Research Internship in Sociology

Research Internship in Sociology provides course credit (3-6 hours) for work experience that students gain in organizations that focus on research, that is, on collecting and/or analyzing data. The internship can enhance your employment prospects post-graduation.

To be eligible to apply you must be a major or minor in Sociology or Law and Society. You should have completed 60 academic credit hours, earning at least a B in both Introduction to Statistics in Sociology (SOC 38200) and Introduction to Research Methods in Sociology (SOC 38300), and a B average in all Sociology courses.

All applicants must send a PDF of your resume and an unofficial transcript to The deadline for applications varies but is typically early in the semester preceding the internship placement.

Some scholarships may be available. Moreover, internships may be paid or unpaid, as determined by the organization.

You will have insurance coverage through Purdue’s Student Professional Liability Coverage while completing the internship.

You can earn credit in SOC 48900 for an internship in an organization that collects or analyzes data from surveys, social media, focus groups, interviews, or experiments. In addition to the work you do for the organization, you will be required to do some academic work in the form of readings, brief reports, and on-line chats with the instructor and other interns.

Applicants are evaluated on multiple criteria, including grade point average (GPA) —overall and for Sociology courses—resume, and class standing. Additional information will be requested of finalists.

You will know about your scholarship about six weeks after you apply or as soon as your internship opportunity is finalized.

Yes, we are glad to connect you with our interns from recent years.

Students enrolling in the Research Internship in Sociology will have an orientation session during the semester prior to placement. The instructor will help you prepare, and you can discuss issues with fellow interns.

Phone: 765-494-4668