Research Excellence

Lindsay Hamm Lindsay Hamm was awarded a $75,000 Instructional Innovation proposal grant. The project title is "Increasing Undergraduates Students' Engagement in Large Lecture Courses through Automated Grading." Lindsay is working with developers from the teaching and learning technology team.

Fenggang Yang Chris White Fenggang Yang [PI] and Chris White [Co-PI] were awarded a one-year planning grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Their project, titled “Measuring Religious Change in the Global East,” will study East Asian societies and diasporas around the world that share similar backgrounds in Confucianism.

Jill Suitor Jill Suitor [PI] and Megan Gilligan [Co-PI] were awarded a grant by the National Institute on Aging to fund the first year of T3 data collection for the Within-Family Differences Study. This phase of the WFDS focuses on the impact of deaths of members of the oldest generation on the health and well-being of their adult children and adult grandchildren