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France is not solely about fashion and cuisine; the country is also a leader in science, technology, architecture, and diplomacy. Fluency in French and intercultural literacy can thus lead to careers in business, engineering, hospitality, medicine, the arts, etc. In 2018, French companies created more than 600,000 jobs in the U.S. and almost 30,000 in Indiana alone. To help students develop global perspectives sought by U.S. companies and NGOs over the world, we offer four courses in French for professional purposes.

Professional French courses

Topics covered in our courses include France’s major industries and companies, understanding and discussing aspects of the French market economy, marketing, intercultural communication in French-American business settings, writing administrative correspondence in French, and applying for internships and jobs in Francophone countries. Our goal is to develop students’ communicative and intercultural skills in a variety of speaking or writing activities toward the use of French for professional purposes.

Professional French at Purdue consists of three courses for professional purposes, beginning after the completion of the fourth semester of French (FR 202: French level 4 or equivalent).

Professional French Courses

FR 224: Professional French Level I

FR 324:Professional French Level II

FR 424: Professional French Level III

These courses can be taken independently or as part of the minor in Professional French

FR 596: Translation: Theory and Practice

The fourth course of French for professional purposes offered at Purdue is an advanced theoretical and practical course in English/French technical and literary translation open both to undergraduate and graduate students. Our goal is to go beyond the obvious questions of linguistics to dedicate a large part of in-class discussions to questions of cultural reception.

For questions about the French for professional purposes courses, please contact Dr. Clotilde Landais ( ).