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Graduate Studies in Languages and Cultures

Purdue's School of Languages and Cultures offers graduate degrees in French, German , Japanese, and Spanish . Linguistics graduate programs are available at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies within the College of Liberal Arts.

While graduate students must be proficient in at least one of the four languages (French, German, Japanese, or Spanish), they will have the opportunity to take coursework toward their degree with the broader faculty in the School of Languages and Cultures. Seminars are offered in exciting cross-cultural fields such as:

  Media StudiesExamine how film, social media, the internet, and other media and technological advances shape our interactions with literature and culture. Critical TheoryLearn about social and cultural critique through the ages. Post/Colonial and Border StudiesInvestigate how writers and other artists help us rethink traditional categories surrounding race, borders, migration, and ethnicity. Popular CultureOnce thought to be inferior to so- called "high culture," popular culture is now a sophisticated area of study in its own right, from graphic novels to popular music and movie genres. Afro-Hispanic and Francophone StudiesExplore cultures where Spanish and French is spoken beyond Europe and South America, for example the literatures of black Cubans and of North Africans. Cognitive StudiesDiscover how the humanities interact with cognitive psychology and other scientific fields through cognitive- literary analyses and neuroscientific approaches to understanding culture.
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Graduate student cohorts in Purdue's School of Languages and Cultures are small and congenial, providing many chances for collaboration with students and faculty across multiple languages and interdisciplinary research areas. Contact us for more information or to arrange a campus visit!