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Film & Video Studies, BA

Film and Video is an interdisciplinary program grounded in production, theory, aesthetics, history, culture, and criticism. You will analyze, interpret, integrate, and apply the foundational theories of visual storytelling. You will create and capture the motion image through hands-on production courses. As self-motivated students you will be able to map out an interdisciplinary, individualized program for further study of film and video in both academic and practical contexts. The studies major is an extremely flexible major that qualifies for CLA Degree in 3, allows opportunities for academic, cultural, and global, and generally enables the student maximum potential for individual program development.  This major also offers opportunities to work alongside students majoring in Theatre, English, Art & Design, and Languages & Cultures as well as seek out opportunities for great internships and even paid work experience throughout your time at Purdue!

View the plan of study here.

International Cinema Concentration

If you are interested in studying and learning about the history and cultural importance of cinema around the world, then this concentration is available to you.  Courses that count toward this concentration are here.