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Jewish Studies

Courses in Jewish Studies are regularly offered in a variety of departments. Jewish Studies courses are available to our majors and minors, to students fulfilling College or University requirements, and to students with an interest in Judaica.

The following is a list of all Jewish Studies courses offered in the major and minor:
ENGL 264 The Bible as Literature
ENGL 462 The Bible as Literature: The Old Testament
ENGL 463 The Bible as Literature: The New Testament
ENGL 583 Jewish-American Fiction
HEBR 101 Modern Hebrew I
HEBR 121 Biblical Hebrew I
HEBR 102 Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 122 Biblical Hebrew II
HEBR 201 Modern Hebrew III
HEBR 221 Biblical Hebrew III
HEBR 202 Modern Hebrew IV
HEBR 222 Biblical Hebrew IV
HEBR 380 Modern Israel: Cinema, Literature, Politics, and History
HEBR 284 Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture
HEBR 383 Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism: Secret Knowledge in Judaism
HEBR 385 The Holocaust in Modern Hebrew Literature
HIST 102 Introduction to the Ancient World
HIST 103 Introduction to the Medieval World
HIST 245 Introduction to Middle Eastern History and Culture
HIST 312 The Crusades
HIST 338 History of Human Rights
HIST 345 The Modernization of the Middle East
HIST 390 Jews in the Modern World
HIST 408 The History of Europe Since 1920
HIST 427 History of Spain and Portugal
HIST 525 Hitler and Twentieth-Century Germany
HIST 545 The Middle East in the Twentieth Century
HIST 589 History of Religion in America
HIST 595 The Holocaust and Genocide
JWST 330 Introduction to Jewish Studies (Undergraduate Core Curriculum/Humanities)
JWST 590 Directed Readings in Jewish Studies
PHIL 206 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 430 Modern Religious (Jewish) Thought
PHIL 505 Islamic and Jewish Philosophy and the Classical Tradition
POL 540 Selected Problems in Comparative Politics
REL 202 Interpretation of the Old Testament
REL 231 Religions of the West
REL 317 Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity
REL 318 The Bible and Its Early Interpreters
SOC 310 Racial and Ethnic Diversity
SOC 367 Religion in America
SOC 514 Racial and Cultural Minorities
SOC 567 Religion in Social Context
SOC 568 Religion and Society