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Call for Works

WAC focuses on innovative work by artists, researchers, students, and engineers in industry and academia, highlighting new standards, tools, APIs, and practices as well as innovative web audio applications for musical performance, education, research, collaboration, and production, by welcoming diverse approaches and perspectives.

The theme for WAC 2024 is "spaces | places | traces" where spaces are turned into places that leave traces of human and non-human activities, whether fleetingly or permanently. With the blurring between physical and virtual spaces/places/traces, the possibilities of engagement, interaction, and accessibility has become a reality regardless of location and time. In particular, the operating system agnostic nature of web audio makes accessibility and inclusivity an exciting proposition for exploring sound, audio, music, and computation. Additinally, web audio and its potential for environmental sensing - capturing, processing, sensing, and streaming music performances, soundscapes, and urban noise pollution is a topic that we are hoping to explore further at the 2024 WAC conference. 

While we are proposing to highlight works that resonate with the theme of space, place, and its traces, we likewise welcome all topics relevant to web audio including:

  • Audio API, Web MIDI, Web RTC and other existing or emerging web standards for audio and music
  • Development tools, practices, strategies of web audio applications
  • Web-based music composition, production, delivery, experience
  • Client-side audio engines and audio processing/rendering (real-time or non real-time)
  • Cloud/HPC for music production and live performances
  • Audio data and metadata formats and network delivery
  • Server-side audio processing and client access
  • IoT, environmental sensing, and soundmapping
  • Frameworks for audio synthesis, processing, and transformation.
  • Web-based audio visualization and/or sonification.
  • Multimedia integration.
  • Web-based live coding and collaborative environments for audio and music generation.
  • Web standards and use of standards within audio-based web projects.
  • Hardware and tangible interfaces and human-computer interaction in web applications.
  • Codecs and standards for remote audio transmission.
  • Any other innovative work related to web audio that does not fall into the above categories.

Tracks: Papers, Posters, Talks, Demos, Concert Works, Installations, Workshops
We welcome submissions in the following tracks: papers, posters, talks, demos, concert music, installation works, and workshops. All submissions will be single-blind peer-reviewed and should be submitted here. The conference proceedings, which will include both full papers (full papers & posters) and extended abstracts (talks, demos, performances, & artworks), will be published open-access online with Creative Commons attribution, and with an ISSN number. 
A selection of the papers will be offered the opportunity to publish an extended version at the Journal of Audio Engineering Society (AES).

6-10 pages, oral presentation. Submit here.

2-4 pages, poster session. Submit here.

1-2 page(s), extended abstract, oral presentation. Submit here.

1-2 page(s), extended abstract, hands-on demo session. Submit here.

Concert Music
1-2 page(s), extended abstract; preferably makes creative use of - but not limited to - web-based audio applications. Currently confirmed performers include:

Voice, Elizabeth Rene Anderson
Alto & Tenor Saxophone, Danny Weiss
Violin & Viola, Alfred Abel
Cello & Double bass, Kristen Yun
Purdue (String) Orchestra (16, 16, 8, 16, 5)
Dancers and choreographers from Purdue Division of Dance
Submit here.

Installation Works
1-2 page(s), extended abstract; preferably makes creative use of - but not limited to - web-based audio applications. Submit here.

1-2 page(s); oral presentation during the workshop session. 

Important Dates
October 16 (Mon), 2023: Submission portal opens.
January 14 (Sun), 2024: Deadline for submissions.
February 8 (Fri), 2024: Notification of submission results.
Febrary 18 (Sun), 2024: Camera-ready submission deadline.
February 19 (Mon), 2024: Early-bird registration deadline. Link coming soon.

All non-(concert/installation) submissions must be submitted in PDF format using the WAC 2024 templates (LaTeX or Word). Submission system via CMT.