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Music Department Directory


Name Title(s) Research/Focus Email Room
Alfred Abel Lecturer ELLT 015
Renee Anderson Lecturer ELLT 015
Brad Bodine Senior Lecturer PAO 2188
Ellen Bulow Lecturer PAO 2114
Harry Bulow Professor PAO 2111
Christopher Cayari Associate Professor PAO 2108
Nadya Dubikovsky Senior Lecturer PAO 2112
Jarrard Harris Clinical Assistant Professor PAO 2109
Lynn Hooker Associate Professor PAO 2103
Allen McCullough Assistant Professor PAO 2110
Dwight Monical Lecturer PAO 2114
Tae Hong Park Music Chair and Associate Professor PAO 2179
Monte Taylor Clinical Assistant Professor PAO B190
Nolan Warden Lecturer SC 113
Danny Weiss Senior Lecturer PAO 2109
Kristen Yeon-Ji Yun Clinical Associate Professor ELLT 034

Emeriti Faculty

Name Research/Focus Email Room
Martha Riley  


Name Title(s) Email Room
Tracy Locke Administrative Assistant PAO 2179