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Music Major
The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Music Major includes a broad range of subjects covering music theory, history, music technology, and performance. The BA consists of two components that will lead to a music major: (1) core music classes and (2) a concentration in Music Technology, General Music Studies, Jazz Studies, or Music Theory and Composition. The number of credits for the major may vary based on the ensemble the student chooses to participate in. Music Tech/General concentration: 24-28 credits. Degree: 120 Credits Required

Music Technology Certificate
The Music Technology Certificate program adds depth to the university’s offerings in technology and also speaks to the need by many students to continue their study of music while at Purdue. Students will take essential courses in electronic music synthesis, recording practices, computer-based music notation and music history and theory courses. Upon completion of this certificate, students will have a theoretical and practical understanding of how music is made using electronic instruments, computers, and other essential technologies. 21 total credit hours.

Music Minor in History and Theory
15 total credit hours.

Current Music Courses
Current list of music courses.

Auditions & Interviews
Auditions and Interviews are for music majors only. Students can schedule their audition/interview once they are admitted to Purdue University and have had their initial meeting with their academic advisor.