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James J. Shevlin Study Abroad Scholarship

Shevlins photo

Purpose: This scholarship has been made available for undergraduate history majors by the Shevlin Endowment established by Catherine Shevlin Pierce and Thomas J. Pierce to help defray costs of travel and expenses. The scholarship may be awarded to undergraduate history majors who will participate in the Study Abroad Program for either a full semester (includes summer sessions) or the entire academic year. Please note: history graduate students may also apply and will be taken under consideration following disbursements to undergraduates.

Criteria and selection: Selected by Undergraduate Committee and Department Head based on academic excellence (min. 3.0 GPA) and suitability of the experience for meeting the student's educational objectives. Must be a registered undergraduate/graduate history major at Purdue, West Lafayette campus, and scheduled to participate in history courses sponsored by the Department of History or if approved through another university while studying abroad.

Award: Based on the amount of available income.

Apply: Department of History Undergraduate Awards Application

Deadline:  Materials must be received by February 2, 2024.

Questions:  Contact O.T. Ford, Academic Program Manager: