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Dan Froid's Manuscript-on-the-Go

Dan FroidBringing you a new manuscript-on-the-go, second-year Purdue University Literary Studies doctoral student Dan Froid has edited electronic editions of two eighteenth-century documents, The Siege of Gibraltar and Miscellaneous Pieces: The Works of Catherine Upton. Published in Romantic Circles, the electronic edition has made the otherwise largely unknown and inaccessible works of Catherine Upton, an eighteenth-century poet and teacher, available to all. The documents in the edition include Upton's poem "The Siege of Gibraltar," which acts primarily as an address to England; a collection of Upton's miscellaneous poems and prose, which provide insight into life in Gibraltar in the context of the late eighteenth century; and some of Upton's short essays on education. Dan Froid's electronic edition provides transcriptions of these documents side-by-side with photos of the original manuscripts and an introduction which includes biographical information about Upton, details about the historical context of Upton's work, and analysis of Upton's work. The editorial matter also identifies themes in Upton's work that link to contemporary interests in women's writing on war and politics in the eighteenth century, women's self-conscious participation in the literary market, and personal accounts of history. With the manuscript's now widespread accessibility, Froid hopes scholars will continue to investigate these topics in Upton's texts and engage with her work.  Link: (Posted September 2017)