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Dissertations and Theses

PhD Dissertations

Maureen Morrissey Archer
Metaphors Second Language Teachers Live By: A Conceptual Metaphor Analysis 1992

Scott Baxter
Hacker writers: A study of literacy practices of selected writers in a computer science research laboratory 2005

Kelli Beery Odhuu
English in the Linguistic Landscape of Mongolia; Indices of Language Spread and Language Competition 2004

Christopher Blake
The Potential of Text-Based Internet Chats for Improving ESL Oral Fluency 2006

Harris Bras
Preparing a face to meet the faces you meet: Korean international students and the signaling value of English composition 2012

Colleen Brice
ESL Writers' Reactions to Teacher Feedback: a Multiple Case Study 1998

Edith C. Cassell
Understanding Community Linguistic Diversity: An Ecological Approach to Examining Language Use Patterns of International Graduate Students 2007

Chak Lai Chan
An Analysis of Advanced ESL Composition Textbooks 200

Tony Cimasko
Genre core and periphery: Opportunities for L1-L2 hybridity in the empirical research reports of second language writers 2009

Seung (Sue) Chang
English in the first to the seventh national school curriculum in South Korea: History, implications, and directions for future development 2008

Julie Damron
Chinese 101, a Prerequisite to Math 100? A Look at Undergraduate Students' Beliefs about Their Role in Communication with International Teaching Assistants 2000

Gabriel Decio
Assessment of the Evolution of Grammar Practice in ESL/EFL Textbooks from 1960 until 1996 1996

David Dedo
Profile of the ESL Freshman Writer: Predicting Success in the Academic Setting 1990

Slobodanka Dimova
POET Tutorial: Test Preparation, Coaching, or Washback? 2006

Carolyn Jo Doran
Engaging (in) the University: Researching L2 Graduate Students’ Academic Discourse Needs through Affect Literacy 2013

Fatima Esseili
English in Lebanon:  Implications for national identity and language policy 2011

Patricia Friedrich
A Sociolinguistic Profile of English in Brazil: Issues of Imperialism, Dominance, and Empowerment 2001

Noke Glass
"Third-gender" English as foreign language teachers in Thailand: Issues and attitudes 2008

Tom Glass
The nature of English writing done by graduates of a university in Thailand 2008

Sarah Gustafson
Linguistic Theory: Reflection in ESL Pedagogical Grammars 1988

Jennifer Haan
Institutional language support for international students: A case study 2009

Dilia Hasanova
Functional Allocations of English in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan: Pedagogical Implications for English Language Teachers 2007

Mingyan Hong
Spirituality and Second Language Acquisition: a Christian Exploration 2007

Shuozhao Hou
The Effect of Storyboard Visuals on ESL Reading Recall 2006

Yuanyuan Hu
China's Foreign Language Policy on Primary English Education: From Policy Rhetoric to Implementation Reality 2007

Ulrike Jannausch
A case study of native speakers of English composing in German 2001

Gary Jasdzewski
China's Foreign Language Policy on Primary English Education: From Policy Rhetoric to Implementation Reality 2000

Veronica Jayne
Blogging to support learning community and writing goals in a mixed composition classroom 2013

Kinga Vulkan-Kacso
The sociolinguistic reality of writers form the Expanding Circle: A New English literature 2010

Nancy Kauper
Development and implementation of an ESL classroom assessment of face-to-face conversational interaction 2012

MinSun Kim
The politics of teaching and learning writing in L1 and L2 in Korean universities: An exploration of the possibility of developing an indigenous writing program 2013

Elena Lawrick
English in Russian academe:  Uses and perceived significance 2011

Xinqiang Li
A history of realistic writing in modern China: 1890s-1970s 201

Yichun Liu
The Cognitive Process of Translation in L2 Writing 2004

Krishna C. P. Madhavan
Development of a Framework for Computer Assisted Assessment Systems Used in Oral English Proficiency Testing of International Teaching Assistants 2003

Karyn Mallett
Educational language policy and the role of advocacy among English language professionals: An historical and case study analysis 2008

Aya Matsuda
Japanese Attitudes toward English: A Case Study of High School Students 2000

Tracey McHenry
The Forgotten Circle: A Sociolinguistic Study of English in Alaska 1999

Cristine McMartin-Miller
How much feedback is enough? Error treatment in second language writing, 2012

Martha Moraa Michieka
Accessibility and Presence of English in Rural Kisii, Kenya: Implications for English Language Education 2006

Ruo-ping Jean Mo
Taiwan on the Brink of Reversing Language Shift: Its Current Development and Contributory Factors 2000

Lucie Moussu
Native and Nonnative English-speaking English as a Second Language Teachers: Student Attitudes, Teacher Self Perceptions, and Intensive English Program Administration Beliefs and Practices 2006

Robert Nelson
Evolving another language: A selectionist and neural network approach to second language lexical memory 2008

Yu-Ching (Annie) Ou
Writing strategies: Perceptions, experience, and use in undergraduate and graduate ESL students 2013    

Elizabeth Patton
From the Top Down: How Relationships between English as a Second Language (ESL) K-12 Teachers and ESL Researchers are Impacted by Education Policies 2007

Carolina Pelaez-Morales
Expanding composition's scope: community-based literacy and second-language writing 2013

Marnie Jo Petray-Covey
Native and Nonnative English-speaking English as a Second Language Teachers: Student Attitudes, Teacher Self Perceptions, and Intensive English Program Administration Beliefs and Practices 2004

Ruth Petzold
Sociolinguistics of English in Hungary: Implications for English Language Education 1994

Sara Randrianasolo

Melinda Reichelt
An investigation of first language and second language (English) composition theory and pedagogy at the secondary level in Germany 1996

Gladys Vega Scott
Enculturating an ESL Doctoral Student in Disciplinary Writing: An Apprenticeship Process 2000

Christine Tardy
Exploring the Interactions between Writing Instruction and Disciplinary Practice: Pathways of Four Multilingual Writers 2004

Virginia Taylor
The Balance of Rhetoric and Linguistics: a Study of Second Language Writing Tutorials 2007

Cindy Torres
Chinese English Language Teachers, Inner Circle Specialists, and Professional Development: Changes and Challenges within a Chinese Culture of Learning 2013

Shigetake Ushigusa
The relationship between oral fluency, multiword units, and proficiency scores 2008

Ezekiel Vifansi
Academic Writing Needs: An Exploratory Study of the Writing Needs of ESL Students 2002

Xiaoye You
Writing in the "Devil's" Tongue: A History of English Writing Instruction in Chinese Colleges, 1862-Present 200

Yufeng Zhang
Task Representation a Second Language Writers' Prior Writing Experience: A Case Study 2006


MA Theses

Mariam Alamyar
Language Controversy in Afghanistan:  The sociolinguistics of Farsi Dari and Pashtu at Kabul University 2010

Beril Tezeller Arik
The cognitive social tension in second language acquisition studies 2009

Kelli Beery
Exploring the Expanding Circle: Preparing To Teach in Mongolia 1998

Candace Bright
Catching a River:  A Curriculum for International Students in the First Year Composition Classroom 2011

Michael J. Brooks
Developing a Survey to Assess the Impact of Sociolinguistic Factors on the Morale of Airmen Stationed in Non-English Speaking Countries 1989

Jacob de Boni
Poverty and English Language Proficiency: an Investigation of Census Data 2006

Marc Deneire
Integrating Intercultural Training with the EIL Syllabus 1989

Slobodanka Dimova
Sociolinguistic Profile of English in Republic of Macedonia: The Country of the Sun 2001

Elizabeth Fager
Simple Prompt versus Detailed Prompt: Examining the Effects of Prompt Type on English as a Second Language Writers in a First-Year Composition Class 2001

Patricia Friedrich
A Survey of Brazilian EFL Learners and Their Attitudes towards the Target Language 1997

Christina Garber
Second Language Lexical Assessment: A Pilot Study of Differences in Vocabulary Range between Native and Non-Native Speakers of English 2002

Chang Gertner
An overview of lexical borrowing between Chinese and English and its sociolinguistic context 2003

Olga Maria Hadjidimos
Protecting and Preserving Minority Languages in Europe: Is Greece Doing Enough? 1999

Jill Harney Jones
Gender Representation in Current ESL Textbooks 1997

Jill Hartwig
Continuing Journey for Education: the Experiences of Three University-Enrolled "Lost boys of Sudan" 2005

Soohyon Ji
Language Testing and World Englishes:  Examination of a Local English Test in South Korea 2012

KunSeong Kim
Implementing a dual English policy in South Korea 2005

Joanne Lax
ESL Students' Perceptions of Academic Discourse and School Writing 1994

Yvonne Low
"Don't be so Kiasu La": Influences of Code-Switching and Code-Mixing on Colloquial Singapore English 1999

Venetka Marinova
The teacher's role in adult English as a second language learning 2009

Aya Matsuda
In Search of an Identity: A Critical Review of Interlanguage Pragmatics 1997

Angelia Mercer
Church-based ESL programs in the United States: a regional snapshot 2003

Martha Moraa Michieka
The Challenges of Implementing Communicative Language Teaching in Nairobi District Secondary Schools 2002

Ruth Petzold
ITA training program syllabus design: a multiple perspective needs assessment 1988

Jennifer Gerrity Preacher
A Sociolinguistic Account of the Differences between Indian and Chinese Oral English 1998

Allen Redmon
The religious register in American English: An initial qualitative study 1999

Freshta Sediqi
A sociolinguistic profile of English in Afghanistan: The perspectives of Kabul academics 2010

Kathy Ryan Sweet
ESL Program and Curriculum Design: a Program for Twin Lakes School Corporation Based in Theory, Research and Best Practices 2004

Maria Alejandra Speziali
Linguistic Integration in Bilingual Speech 1990

Youngmi Yun
English in Korea: A Sociolinguistic Profile and its Pedagogical Implications 1999