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What is English 10600-I?
English 10600-I is a writing course for nonnative English speaking undergraduate students who might be disadvantaged in English 10600, the mainstream writing course, due to such factors as level of English proficiency, experience in writing in English, or familiarity with American culture or educational practices. English 10600-I is not obligatory for international undergraduate students; enrolling in it is a choice made by the student in consultation with the student's advisor.

How is 10600-I similar to English 10600?
English 10600 and 10600-I meet the same composition requirement; bear the same amount of credit; require the same amount of writing; share a focus on strategic, rhetorical, and linguistic issues; and integrate classroom instruction, individual or group conferencing, and the use of technology. Additionally, English 10600-I appears as English 10600 on students' transcripts.

How is 10600-I different from English 10600?
English 10600-I is designed especially for international students, allowing more focus on language and cross cultural issues. It is typically taught by instructors with experience and expertise in teaching both ESL and composition, with international experience, and with an understanding of what it is like to write in a second language. In addition, these instructors are mentored and supervised by an ESL writing specialist.

English 10600-I sections, with an enrollment limit of 15 students, are smaller than sections of 10600, allowing for more teacher-student interaction. English 10600-I sections meet in a room set up as a wireless computer lab, giving students and teachers constant and easy access to that technology. English 10600-I meets in the same room at the same time five days a week, permitting greater flexibility in integrating traditional classroom activities, conferencing, and the use of technology. Finally, 10600-I students often comment on how comfortable they feel in 10600-I because its small class size allows them to get to know their classmates better and because of the sense of camaraderie they feel with their international student peers.

How can I find out more about English 10600-I?
Contact Tony Silva, the Director of the ESL Writing Program (