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What is English 62100?
English 62100 is a three hour a week academic writing course designed especially for international graduate students at Purdue. It has an enrollment limit of ten students per section, and students are graded on a pass/fail basis.

What is the aim of English 62100?
In general terms, the aim of English 62100 is to help international graduate students become more comfortable with and proficient in writing in English and to prepare them for the writing they will need to do in graduate school and in the workplace.

Who can take English 62100?
English 62100 is open to all matriculated Purdue international graduate students' Certificate, MA, and PhD students from any school, department, or program. English 62100 is not obligatory for international graduate students; enrolling in it is a choice made by the student in consultation with the student's advisor.

What do students do in English 62100?
Essentially, students in English 62100 read, analyze, and produce written texts. Instruction focuses on composing processes (strategic options for writing) and written texts (in terms of their generic, rhetorical, and linguistic features). Students work on assigned writing projects, for which they write multiple drafts and receive feedback from both the instructor and their peers, and engage in discussions of academic and disciplinary issues and concerns. Course meetings are evenly split between classroom activities and individual conferences with the instructor.

Who teaches English 62100?
English 62100 is typically taught by instructors with experience and expertise in teaching both English as a second language and composition, with international experience, and with an understanding of what it is like to write in a second language. In addition, these instructors are mentored and supervised by an ESL writing specialist.