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ESL as a Primary Area

Students in the Program in English Language and Linguistics who select ESL as their primary area of study (i.e., the area in which they will take their preliminary examination) take courses which provide preparation in theory, research, and instruction as well as language form and function.

Students choosing this option take the following courses:

English 506 (or its equivalent): Introduction to English and General Linguistics Required Core Courses
English 516: Teaching ESL: Theoretical Foundations
English 518: Teaching ESL: Principles and Practices
English 565: Sociolinguistics
English 618: Research Design in Language and Linguistics

Additional Required Courses
English 512: English Syntax and Syntactic Theory
English 513: English Phonology

Required Seminars
Depending upon the focus of their studies, students can also choose two of the following seminars:
English 629T: Seminar in Language Testing
English 630: Seminar in Second Language Writing
English 631: Seminar in World Englishes

The Department of English offers a variety of areas of secondary focus. Students choosing ESL as a primary area can select English Linguistics, Rhetoric & Composition, Professional Writing or any other area available as a secondary area.