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English Language and Linguistics

The ELL Program concentrates on issues having to do with the nature of the English language, attending to aspects ranging from its descriptive and formal properties in phonology, syntax and semantics, to its more applied aspects, such as its usage in various historical, social, and literary contexts, as well as natural language processing.

Please note that the ELL program is no longer accepting new applications to the M.A. or doctoral programs. Students interested in pursuing graduate study in English Language and Linguistics are now encouraged to apply to the Linguistics Program in the School of Interdisciplinary Studies. All of the ELL faculty are also affiliated with the Linguistics Program.

Students whose research interests combine linguistics, literature, and medieval studies are encouraged to apply to the LTC program under the Medieval and Early Modern track.

ELL offers two graduate certificate programs: History of the English Language, and Natural Language Processing.

Students enrolled in the Ph.D. program in LTC or Rhetoric and Composition may pursue a secondary area of study (a four-course sequence) in English Language and Linguistics.

For additional information, contact the Director of English Language and Linguistics, Elaine Francis ( or the Graduate Secretary, Jill Quirk (