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Alumni and Friends

2014 Outstanding Seniors

Each School/Department within the College of Liberal Arts selects an Outstanding Senior. These 10 amazing students achieved academic success, demonstrated a commitment to their major, balanced the academic load with extracurricular activities and/or employment, demonstrated leadership ability, and will graduate during the current calendar year.

Katelyn Reavis
Department of Anthropology

Chelsea Spring
Brian Lamb School of Communication

Sarah Nixon
Department of English 

Madison Heslop
Department of History 

Alexandra Hoff
School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Kayla Copeland
School of Languages and Cultures 

David Ballard
Department of Philosophy

Thomas Payne
Department of Political Science

Cody Wilson
Department of Sociology 

Arlene Bozich
Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts

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