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Religious Studies

The religious studies program at Purdue offers students the opportunity to investigate how the different religious traditions of the world seek and understand ultimate reality, how this understanding influences human action and belief about the world, and how historical contexts influence religious thought and practice. By learning about the different religious traditions of the world and their historical contexts, students will cultivate a critical appreciation of diverse religious traditions.  Students will have the opportuntiy to study this major from the perspective of different departments at Purdue, such as English, history, philosophy, sociology, and anthropology. 

Points of Pride

  • The religious studies program has 20 associated faculty in the departments of English, history, philosophy, and sociology and anthropology.
  • The program offers a unique opportunity to pursue a diversified and well-balanced plan of study.
  • The program's Reading and Bagel Circles series is open to all faculty and students. 


  • Graduate study
  • Management consulting
  • Many other positions in business/management, not related to religious studies but able to capitalize on students’ broad-based liberal arts skill set and critical thinking ability.

Plan of Study

Religious Studies

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