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Audra Weideman

Theatre Design and Production

Indianapolis Shakespeare Company

How has your internship helped build skills and clarify your career goals?

My internship added to my knowledge of technical aspects and organization to run a production with a short rehearsal time. It has also given me some ideas for future career goals.

How do you apply your Liberal Arts skills in your internship?

I used my analytical thinking, communication skills, and creative thinking for every rehearsal and production during my five-week internship. I had to think on my feet when a problem arose backstage. I resolved it effectively with the help of my fellow stage management intern during our first show. I used my communication skills to tell our Props Master with the realization of a prop not working out during the rehearsal process. It is important for Stage Management to communicate clearly and effectively between each department to keep the production running smoothly. My way of looking at problems creatively helped the actors get on stage on time every night.

Describe your typical day as an intern.  

My typical day as an intern starts with getting to every rehearsal and production early to have everything set up and ready to go for the director and all the actors. I trouble shoot when a problem arises which it almost always does in theatre. During rehearsals, I take small snack breaks to my energy up for when the hours are long. I read along with the script to read the line for when the actor calls line during the rehearsal process. After the actors leave, I stay late to make sure all the props and costumes are stored away for the next night.

What was the most challenging aspect of your internship?  

A challenging aspect of my internship was working outside since the stage was built in a park. I had to deal with weather changes. It has been a different experience with the whole production outside. We did not have a hidden backstage area so as Stage Management Interns we have to find hidden areas behind the stage.