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Caroline McMasters

Professional Writing

Apartment Assoc. of Fort Wayne

How has your internship helped build skills and clarify your career goals?

At my internship, I work on several projects at once. My supervisors all take this approach, and I really enjoy it. I've come to understand my passion for marketing and boosting a company's message through various mediums. On a weekly basis, I will work with LinkedIn, Facebook,, Adobe InDesign, and the blog. I also, participate in committee meetings, help with event planning, and network at Association events. I've already learned so much about how a small, nonprofit organization operates. Before this internship, I wasn't sure how I wanted to apply my major. Now, I can say that this role has given me great satisfaction in my work, and I have a newfound drive to pursue a career in marketing and content creation.

How do you apply your Liberal Arts skills in your internship?

In Liberal Arts and Professional Writing, in particular, we are taught to constantly be aware of the audience and develop content that will appeal to them. Not only have I created social media posts, brochures, and blog posts that cater to my audience, but I also have interacted with them, regularly. I frequently connect with people from a diverse range of fields at events, the office, and over the phone. My Liberal Arts experience has taught me how to accommodate people different from myself, whether that be in culture, career, or thought. I have benefited from each of these exchanges as a person, student, and future employee. With every conversation, I learn more about what my audience expects and enjoys. I then, can use the design principles that I have learned in my major and minors to design content that engages my audience and promotes the Association's message.

Describe your typical day as an intern.  

On a typical day, I arrive to the office, check for voicemails and relay them to my supervisors. I then, check my email, as sometimes there is a task or idea for a blog post, from one of my supervisors. I then, set to work on a blog post, brochure, page design, event registration check, or social media post. Throughout the day, I answer any phone calls that come to the office. Usually, I work on at least two projects a day. Some days, Association members come to the office for a meeting, or our staff goes to another place for a meeting, and I sit in on them.

What was the most challenging aspect of your internship?  

 I had to learn how to network. I start out as a shy person, when meeting other adults, alone, so I had to adjust and increase my confidence to let them get to know the person I am, normally, once you get to know me.

What was the most exciting thing about your role? 

I was most excited to have the opportunity to work on several different tasks in different areas like event planning, social media marketing, and publication design.

What surprised you most about your internship? 

I was most surprised by how passionate other people are about the work they do. When I attended meetings, I always saw familiar faces who were invested in the success of their own company in conjunction with the Association.

Describe the most meaningful experience you had as an intern.

I can't point to one specific day or moment, but it has been an incredible privilege to work under the direction of my three supervisors. Not only did I often receive free coffee, breakfast, and snacks, but I also received a plethora of guidance. Any questions I had were more than willingly answered. Each woman gave me advice and suggestions almost daily. These women showed me how supportive you can be of your own coworkers in the way they treated each other and me. I learned more than I could even document from my supervisors, and I am glad I had the opportunity to work in this position.

How did you learn about your internship?

I found the internship on Indiana, a site designed for students who qualify for the federal work-study program.

Did you meet with the Liberal Arts Career Center prior to applying for this internship? What kind of assistance did you receive?

I have met with the Liberal Arts Career Center a few times to look at my resume and cover letter.