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Victoria Houk

Public Relations and Strategic Communication

Margie Korshak, INC. - Chicago

Describe your typical day as an intern.
No two days are the same at my internship! Some days, I will arrive in the office and work on social media posts for the company and our many clients. Some days, we will have a successful professional have lunch with all the interns and give us advice in the work field. There have been a few days where we get to attend TV segment shootings or news show tapings for our clients. Every day, there is something new and exciting we get to experience while at work!

What is the most challenging aspect of your internship?
The most challenging aspect of this internship is learning the specific ways the company does their social media writing and reports. Every company does things a specific way, so you have to learn and adapt to their specific style.

What is the most exciting thing about your role?
I have so many opportunities to learn in the field every day. My bosses are very passionate about being mentors and helping us experience everything a public relations agency has to offer. They give us these opportunities so that we will be prepared for the real world after graduation.

What has surprised you most about your internship?
There is so much more to the public relations field than just writing press releases and doing social media! It is all about creating a relationship with your client to help them succeed in their company.

How has your internship prepared you for your career?
I have gained real experience with real clients. Learning about all of this in the classroom and from textbooks is one thing, but it’s an even bigger step to actually go out there and participate in a business venture. Nothing compares to real-world experience.

What recommendations do you have for other interns?
Take advantage of every opportunity you are given. Attend all the extra events you can and take on extra projects. Also, network with everyone you meet. You never know who has a friend of a friend who could land you your next job.