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Dominik Gilatis

Film & Video Studies

Warner Bros. Animation

What was the most exciting thing about your role? 

The most exciting thing is being able to see an ADR session, where actors come in to voice their lines, an online session, where producers talk about the finished episode and if it needs any last changes, or a completely polished premiere! The conversation about an episode between professionals is extremely interesting to hear. 

What surprised you most about your internship? 

I was completely surprised about the role of the editor! I didn’t think animation had editors, and that they just animated what they needed. Unlike live action editors, animation editors have to completely create the environment that is happening in the scene, something very tricky and overlooked. 

How did you apply your Liberal Arts-skills to your internship position?

I’ve learned a great deal with the editing classes I have taken. Because of this, I’ve been able to accomplish everything asked, as Adobe Premiere is heavily used here. 

How has your internship prepared you for your career? 

I’ve learned a great deal about the animation process for TV and movies from initial development through to completion. Going on in my career, I will have more of a wholesome understanding on the undertaking that an animation is and each member’s role in the making of the piece. More specifically, I’ve learned what an editor does for animation – a role that I didn’t think was an actual thing before!